CAA registered Drone operator based in mid Wales

Utilizing the latest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) or Drones to capture incredible Aerial images for use in monitoring, inspections, promotional, or surveys.
"The possibilities are endless"
Promotional Photography
Images from above are able to show off and promote your event or attraction and generate interest for future development.


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Farm Surveys

Use Aerial images to view the landscape and assist in the planning and development of the farms environment.

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Archaeological  Photography

Use Aerial photographs and videos to assists in the understanding of the whole Archaeological site.

Estate Agent Photography

Give the seller a unique way of showing how the property shares the surrounding area and landscape.

Construction Site Development

Aerial photographs taken during the construction process can assist in the planning of good health and safety as well as an aid for future bidding processes.

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Roof & property Surveys
We are able to help you inspect a building, roof or property at a
fraction of the cost and inconvenience.

ARRAP Aerial Photography 2018

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